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We bring jazz and indie artists, @ESNS 2024. However, our presence extends beyond artistic representation alone; we also come as potential partners for you. We are a company with robust resources and capabilities to develop creative projects, not only in our hometown of Wrocław, Poland but also globally.  

Let’s meet @ ESNS 2024!

V Records is an independent record label, artist management, and music events producer. Our releases have earned nominations for prestigious cultural and phonographic awards. We collaborate with both established and emerging jazz artists, such as Piotr Baron Quintet and Roland Abreu, as well as indie & alternative talents like Slow Sunset and Abraham. V Records has successfully organized hundreds of concerts across Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and other EU countries. Our global footprint extends to tours in Japan and Canada, including a notable Slow Sunset’s presence at Canadian Music Week 2023. As a multifaceted entity, our goal is to enhance the musical experience in its artistic and social aspects, bridging the gap between artists and audiences. Join us on this musical journey and in building connections for artists in the indie music scenes.



V Records
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